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We Help DJs Unlock Their Creative Abilities with Revolutionary Training & Practice Techniques That Will Save You Hundreds of Hours of Practice - GUARANTEED.

Stuck Creatively? Not Super Confident About Your Scratching? Tired of Being Judged as a "Button Pusher?"
EvolveDJs is Here to Help You Redefine Yourself.

My name is DJ Ragoza, 3X Regional DMC Champ, and I want to help you push your skills to new realms... To unlock your full creative potential and artistry as a DJ.

The idea that you can't scratch at certain events or show off your true creative potential holds us all back... Not only as DJs, but as artists as well.

Let's change that. I'm ready to show you a completely new way to practice your scratch & mixing skills through breakthrough training methods.

We Are Not Just Another "DJ School." We're a Community & Training Platform That Makes Confident DJs Through Revolutionary Training Techniques & Interactive Help.

Save Hundreds of Hours of Practice Time With Revolutionary New Training Techniques

  • After thousands of hours of practice and searching, I was introduced to scratching over a metronome by world-class scratch DJs... This gave me a HUGE boost of confidence. But I found myself getting distracted... So I created Scratch Training Drills over a metronome that you can follow along with.
  • Get access to demonstration videos of every kind of scratch you can think of... PLUS, access to my Scratch Training System files (over 20+ different scratches) where I have you scratch over a metronome along with me. This is great for ANY skill level.

Here's What You Get When You Join EvolveDJs:

Here's a Sample of My Training System Inside EvolveDJs

You Get HUNDREDS of Videos Like This Walking You Through Levels 1 (Beginner) to Levels 4 (Mastery)

Time-Saving Hacks & Techniques For:

Club DJs

Mobile DJs


Streaming DJs


Radio DJs



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